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Logging Onto Google Drive From Home

To access your Drive on ANY computer:

  1. Go to ChagrinFalls schools mainpage

  2. Look for the word “Students” on the top toolbar. If you mouse over it, a dropdown menu appears. From that dropdown choose “Student Googledocs” and click on it.

  3. Log in with your login: FirstnameLastname.27@chagrinstudents.org

             and password.


    4. To get to your “DRIVE”  click on the 3x3 squares by your name in the upper right of your screen.


  1. Go to google.com on any computer.

  2. Click on the 3x3 squares in the upper right and click on Drive

  3. You may have to log in to Google with your login and password to get to your Drive.

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Mrs. Halagan

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Third Grade
Gurney Elementary School
(440)893-4030, Ext 4141


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