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Mrs. Heartz


For the 2017 - 2018 school year, I will be teaching Language Arts, Social Studies and Science! 
This Week:
Monday, May 7 - Day 6
Tuesday - Day 1 
Wednesday - Day 2  Bike to School Day!
Thursday - Day 3  after school - Instrument night!
Friday - Day 4
Monday, May 14 - Day 5 

Mrs. Heartz's Language Arts and Social Studies/Science Calendar

Language Arts Class

May 7, 2018
 Wordly Wise List 12 activities and post test due Friday, May 11.
Reading Response (question about The One and Only Ivan) is due Friday, May 11. 
*Students need to have an Independent Reading book every day in class.


April 3, 2018
We are in Social Studies studying government
We will have a test on Thursday, March 22 over the three branches of government and the Bill of Rights.  If you will not be here you may take it during homeroom times before you leave or when you return.  Study guide and helpful links are on Google Classroom.
Native Americans in Ohio video 

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Mrs. Heartz

Fourth Grade Language Arts, Science and Social Studies
Chagrin Falls Intermediate School

Heartz Homeroom Encores

Day 1:  Spanish and Library
Day 2:  Spanish and Music
Day 3:  Spanish and Gym
Day 4:  Spanish and Guidance
Day 5:   Spanish and Music
Day 6:   Spanish and Gym

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