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Sport Management

Welcome to Sport Management

Course description:

This interdisciplinary course will allow the students to understand the sport and recreation industry. The program will cover the many facets of the sport and recreation industry including, sport law and the legal aspects of sport and physical activity; sport marketing and promotion; the role of ethics in sport; the economics and finance of the sport industry; and the role of sport in society. Students will gain exposure and a hands-on experience to sport event management, sport-related venue design and operations, management and leadership in sport organizations and media relations.  

Sport Management Class Objectives:

Students will be able to demonstrate:

      The role, duties and responsibilities of professional individuals in sport.

·        The use of professional skills in computer technology.

·        Sound business procedures and skills in solving administrative or managerial problems that relate to equipment and supplies, facilities and the law. 

·        Professional skills in staff relations, personnel matters and public relations. 

·        Skills in budgeting, event management, accounting, marketing and purchasing that are relevant to the specific field of study. 

·        Effective management/communication styles in multicultural and diverse settings. 

·        Intense involvement with the community by participating and organizing various service and leadership projects.


Parks, J. and Quarterman, J.,Contemporary Sport Management, Champaign, Il. Human Kinetics

 Google Classroom code:  6v7h1u8
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