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NEW K-12 Capstone Research Projects in 2017-18…..

In the 2016-17 school year, we refined our K-12 approach to research. This work included the articulation of a tiered approach to research across K-12 and the development of Capstone Research Projects within each school. In grade 3, students will engage in an interdisciplinary project which yields choice, reflection, and creative and critical thinking relative to improving the student's local community in a unique way. This project integrates student learning across grades K-3 and showcases the collection and use of real-world use of authentic research in problem-solving. In grade 6, students will engage in application of their research skills learned through grade 6, identify a personalized research question, deeply explore a topic of interest, use a variety of sources, and present their learning in a 2-3 page research paper and multiple student-identified products of choice. This project will seek to inspire lifelong learning via purposeful research, which may seek to combine and/or extend 1 or more content areas of learning. In grade 8, students will research the history behind existing national monuments and memorials as a culmination of their study in 8th grade Social Studies, leading up to the 8th grade Washington D.C. trip. Students will use this research to identify a person or event that is worthy of becoming a national monument or memorial in Washington D.C. and create a detailed multi-genre proposal for this plan. Across grades 9-12, Chagrin Falls High School students will engage in career and college research experiences and projects which reflect personalized interests and aptitudes over time. These personalized and developmental experiences will develop varied student research skills while helping to guide students in post-secondary endeavors.

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