Please report all student absences  by 8:00 am 
to the attendance line 440/247-4790 or the MS Office 440/247-4746.   

Doctor notes and Planned Absences Forms can be sent to the school via email.
Email: [email protected]  * E-mail is not for reporting absences. E-mail is for submitting paperwork only.
Absence reported via E-mail will not be accepted.  Parents/guardians are requested to report absences using the attendance line.
Fax : 440/247-4855
Mail: 342 E. Washington St., C.F., OH 44022
Have a question for our school nurse?  
Call the school clinic 440/893-7695 ext. 4304 or the District Nurse Cell: 330/998-3350

Appointments during the day must be accompanied
by a note from home 
Turn the note into the staff member on duty in the cafeteria in the morning or to the office during 1st period.  Students with appointments will be given a pass to get out of class at the pick up time and should come to the office to sign out and meet their parents at the front door. When students return to the school from an appointment they should bring an appointment verification note from the doctor. Sign back in @ the office and receive a pass into their class. 

Planned Absences. Parents/Guardians who anticipate taking their child out of school must obtain a planned absence form from the office or the school's website. Students will be granted a total of (5) planned absent days for the school year. This absence form must be completed and submitted to the Principal one week prior (5 school days) to the scheduled absence (with the exception of some family circumstances. Failure to complete the appropriate form and provide appropriate documentation (if necessary) will result in the absence being counted as unexcused. CLICK HERE FOR THE FORM

Emergency appointments scheduled after your child has already left for school? If you need to schedule an appointment for your child after your child has already left for school please call the office at 247-4746 as soon as you have the appointment time so we can call your child to the office between classes and give them the appointment pass. With advance notice we can avoid interrupting classes and take care of it during the break time between classes.


Forms must be completed and turned into the MS office one week prior to the missed days of school to be considered excused. No more than 5 days per year are allowed. Students must obtain administrators signature prior to meeting with teachers.
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