Substitute Teacher

We are currently experiencing a bit of a seasonal shortfall in our substitute teaching pool.  We are reaching out to interested and qualified parents and community professionals who may wish to consider joining our team. 


If you are interested in becoming a substitute teacher with Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools then the first step is to apply with us through our online application system at this link for our employment portal


These positions offer great flexibility and an opportunity to be involved with meaningful work all within our fantastic learning environment.  Our substitute teachers report very high work satisfaction in their roles and add an important dimension to our organization.  The daily pay rate for substitute teachers is now at $120 per day (effective 1/1/22).  Plus all newly hired substitute teachers will be offered paid training.  


For the job description and qualifications please see the linked job description.


The Ohio Department of Education offers multiple pathways to becoming a substitute teacher and for securing a license.  Three main pathways are 

  • Education Degrees - Applicants who have a post-secondary degree in Education may apply for an “Education Degree-Unlimited” substitute license

  • Subject Area Degrees: Applicants who have a post-secondary degree in a specific subject area, such as Mathematics or English, for example, may apply

  • All Other Degrees: Applicants who have a post-secondary degree in an area that is not directly related to a subject area, such as Interdisciplinary Studies, Criminal Justice, Cooucaotions, Business, Engineering, Economics, Computer Science, Marketing,  for example, may apply for the "General Substitute" license.

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