Chagrin Falls Intermediate School Students Showcase Their Creations on Innovation Center’s New Laser Engraver

Students at Chagrin Falls Schools are learning to use technologically-innovative tools. At the January 11 Board meeting, several Intermediate School students showcased the school’s new laser engraver, which was provided through a donation from the Chagrin Falls Educational Foundation. Students are learning how to use the engraver through their innovation class with Abigail Packard. 

Five students joined the meeting to showcase their skills. In order to operate the engraver, students first learn how to use the graphic design software Canva. Addison Sprenger and Grant Brugger walked the Board members through the process of how to tell which fonts and colors will work best with the engraver. After developing a creative project in Canva, they explained how they move their work to Glowforge, an application used with the laser engraver. Charlotte Mullapudi explained how to correctly save a design and upload it to Glowforge. Then, Margaret Svette and Lily Maschke worked together to choose the correct settings in Glowforge so that the engraving will turn out practically perfect. 

And, of course, the students couldn’t leave without presenting each Board member with their own engraved name tag. 

President Sharon Broz told the students after their impressive presentation, “You have learned so much that will now give each of you the ability to turn your ideas into something that is unique to you while expressing your talents.  I am very grateful to our support organizations and our administration for making this type of experience available to our students and for inspiring and engaging curriculum that provides such powerful educational outcomes.