Chagrin Falls Middle School October 2021 Students of the Month

The mission of the Chagrin Falls Middle School Students of the Month is to acknowledge and reward students for exemplary performance.  The students depict Tiger Techniques: Think, Integrity, Grit, Effort and Responsibility. Each month, the seventh and eighth-grade teams collaborate and choose a male and female "Tiger of the Month" and the students receive personalized tiger water bottles from the PTO



Katie RosnerKatie Rosner
has been a leader in Project Lead the Way class since day one.  Her participation is excellent as well as her focus on turning in quality work.  She comes to school consistently with a positive attitude!  In English class, Katie participates often.  She has insightful thoughts to share and goes above and beyond in preparing for class with her post-it notes about her reading.  Katie works well with others.  She is kind to all students.  She has determination and wants to understand the topic she is researching.  Katie participates in extracurricular activities.  On the cross country team, Katie was a great teammate.  She always cheered on others whether they were on her team or not.  Katie cares about her school, showing this by participating in Spirit Week activities, Say Hello Week and in the Speech and Debate Club.

Jacob VaskoJacob Vasko is a science superstar who put together an exemplary biome project.  Jake participates in class, is kind to all students, works well with others and reaches out to teachers if he has questions. Jake finds topics that interest him and “goes to town” in his efforts to understand and apply the topic to an activity, in class work or participating within a group. Jake gives 110% effort on every assignment in English class.  He stays focused, works hard, and works well with his book club groups.  He is a quiet leader in our class.  



Charlotte KleidCharlotte Kleid is an exceptional student.  Her participation in class makes others around her excited about learning.  Charlotte’s positive outlook and new perspectives are refreshing.  Charlotte has made an impact on Project Lead the Way class since her first day at Chagrin.  She is consistent with her participation and builds relationships with her classmates and teachers.  Charlotte hit the ground running after switching into physical science and has excelled at the toughest part of the physics unit.  New to the District this year, in just a few short months, she has helped organize speakers, prizes, and communications for the Kick-It for Cancer event, helped to plan the Halloween dance, and stood out as a leader in all her classes. 

Caleb ZelchCaleb Zelch works hard to learn from his mistakes and takes each assignment seriously. He is a fun member of the class. Caleb always comes to class with a smile and a positive attitude. He is a great team member and is always willing to help out a peer. Caleb has a super positive attitude and is always willing to go the extra mile.

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