Gurney Second Graders Show “A Little Spot of Courage”

Second graders in Ellen Jones’ class at Gurney Elementary School read the book “A Spot of Courage” to continue the conversation of “courage” with the One District, One Book program this year. 

The book talks about all the different ways people can show courage throughout their lives, from asking a new friend to play, going onstage to perform, or asking for help.  Students then made spot monsters to help remind them that they have courage to chase their fears and worries away. Each child then thought of one way this year that they are going to try and show courage in the classroom. “Some of the courage goals the kids had were doing the right thing even when others aren't, raising my hand in class, and reading a book that is good for me even if others think it is easy,” said Jones.  “We will continue to revisit our courage goals throughout the year.”
A little spot of courage a little spot of courage

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