Chagrin Falls Schools Ranks #6 out of 608 Districts in Ohio

Chagrin Falls Schools Ranks #6 out of 608 Districts in Ohio 

The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) released the 2020-21 Local Report Card for all districts on Thursday, October 14. For the second year in a row, the ODE did not issue school rankings because of the impact of the pandemic on schools. However, the report cards do contain data related to many components which measure student achievement at the district and school levels. While ratings and grades were not issued by the ODE this year, the results suggest that the Chagrin Falls Schools continue to perform at the highest level of academic achievement. 

“The data in the school report card reflects the resiliency and commitment of our students, staff and community during unprecedented times,” said Superintendent Jennifer Penczarski, Chagrin Falls Schools. “We celebrate the accomplishments that the report card represents yet continue to work towards finding ways to develop the whole child.” 

Below you will find an overview of each component with the District’s relative performance: 

Achievement: The achievement component represents the number of students who passed state tests and how well they performed on them. The District’s performance index score was 105.5. This was the 6th best performance index in the state. The district met 17 of its 19 achievement indicators. An indicator is met when 80% of students testing score proficient or better on a given test. 

Gap Closing: The gap closing component shows how well schools are meeting the performance expectations for all students and subgroups. Chagrin Falls Schools exceeded the achievement goal as a District for each subgroup reported. 

Graduation Rate: The graduation rate looks at the percent of students who are successfully finishing high school in four or five years. The District reports a 99.5% four year graduation rate and a 96.1% five year graduation rate. 

K-3 Literacy: The K-3 literacy component looks at how successful the school is at getting struggling readers on track to proficiency in kindergarten through grade 3. Chagrin Falls Schools does not report on this component because the District had fewer than five percent of its students in kindergarten reported as “not on-track” to meet the Third Grade Reading Guarantee. 

Prepared for Success: The prepared for success component looks at how well prepared students are for all future opportunities. It includes college entrance exam remediation-free scores, number of Honors Diplomas awarded, Advanced Placement exam scores and College Credit Plus credit accrual. Chagrin Falls Schools received a score of 102.4% on this component. 

The District Administrative team will present to the Board of Education on data reflected within the ODE Report Card for the 2020-21 school year at the Board Meeting scheduled to occur on Wednesday, October 20, 2021. During this session, additional details about other data showcased in the district and school report cards will be presented. 

CLICK HERE for more information on the Ohio Department of Education Report Card: 

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