Chagrin Falls Schools Shawn Carlson as Staff Member of the Year

At the August 16 staff convocation meeting, Chagrin Falls Schools surprised Shawn Carlson, head custodian at Gurney Elementary School, with one of the highest awards given by the District.  Principal Rachel Jones presented both of these employees with the award.  

Excerpts from Shawn Carlson’s nominations read… 

“Mr. Carlson is so much more than the Gurney head custodian that it's difficult to describe. Shawn is a critical pillar to the success of our school every day. The students and parents know him well because he's personable, approachable and eager to know them and help them. He helps people even without being asked - just from overhearing someone talking about a need or quietly observing someone struggling with something in their room/office - they show up the next day to find an item fixed for them, an item built for them or an item replaced for them. He is always looking for how he can make life better for everyone at Gurney Elementary School.”

“There is no problem that Shawn Carlson cannot handle. During a very challenging year filled with uncertainty, he was always there ready to help and problem solve. He is really good at anticipating when people need his help. Shawn could be seen checking in and helping with car arrivals. He never hesitates to take care of something right away - whether it's a water spill in the hall, a mess in the bathroom, or something heavy that needs to be moved. He could be found everyday at lunch to make sure we had the cleaning supplies needed, but also to help. He worked side by side with us to clean and disinfect for the next group. Even down to the final days of the school year, Shawn was out helping with various tasks to make Tiger Trek/Field Day a success. Perhaps the best part about him is that he does all this with a sense of calmness, confidence, a smile and good conversation.”

“Shawn never lets us down! He is quick to respond to requests and does so with such an amazing attitude. He helps, builds, assembles, takes things down, fixes everything, hauls heavy furniture, repairs whatever in your room needs a tune-up, and is obviously an incredibly hard-worker. The kids enjoy him and often ask to write thank yous to Mr. Carlson for his help! At the elementary level, he is understanding of young students' mishaps and often helps students fix their messes - like mopping up spills and wiping handprints off walls of budding artists! This nomination is well-deserved!”

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