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Arrival and Dismissal 2021-2022

CFMS/CFHS (map) Thank you Safe Routes and PTO!

Students may enter through the cafeteria doors beginning at 7:30am and they may stay in the courtyard, as well. Students will not take temperatures upon entry but symptom checking prior to coming to school is a recommended habit. Students will be dismissed to hallways at 7:35am. At that time the front doors and IC doors will be opened. Students must be in their first class for attendance by 7:40am.

Please make sure when dropping off students that you use the turn around by the cones. Turning earlier by not waiting in line can cause a safety hazard. Please drop off your child on the side with the sidewalk in order to reduce possible injury.

The dismissal bell rings at 2:50pm. Bus riders may exit out the front doors and cafe doors. Car riders and walkers are urged to exit the IC and front doors, to limit doorway congestion.

Athletes may enter the locker rooms from 7:35am-7:40am each morning. A supervisor will open and close daily. They will be opened again after school at 2:50pm.

Bus routes (address, number, time, location) are posted on the district website. The routes will be password protected. Please contact the Transportation Department with any questions.