​Chagrin Falls High School Congratulates Tigers of the Semester

The Tigers of the Semester Award is presented to students who exemplify a positive attitude, work ethic, achievement in the classroom and service to fellow students and teachers at Chagrin Falls High School. Teachers nominate one student from their classes that impressed them with their achievement, attitude, hard work, willingness to help others and growth during the first half of the year. The award program is sponsored by Interact Club and advisors Karen Sindelar and Janet Coriell organized the interactive presentation that featured personalized messages from each teacher who nominated a student. They can be viewed here:  Tiger of the Semester

Tigers of the Fall Semester of the 2022-23 school year are Brianna Baioni, Corrina Barth, Noah Beatty, Shelby Brett, Liam Butler, Jaycee De La Mare-Inscore, Mila Gresh, Donny Hardy, Sophie Hill, Claire Hoelzel, Mary Ann Hoelzel, Logan Holmes, Harrison Horvath, Allie Jones, Jack Keegan, Marley Metzger, Chloe Moorman, Quinn Purnhagen, Gracie Ryan, Alexandra Scharpf, Valerie Spieth, Will Stinson, Amelia Strawn, Lilly Stukus, Alethea Svette, Cayden Vilneff, Isabella Wells, Greta Westropp, Tatum Yanchar. 

“During the Tiger of the Semester program, our teachers recognized many amazing students who continually stand out as great students and wonderful people,” said Principal Mike Janatovich, Chagrin Falls High School.  “It truly makes me proud to see the many things our students accomplish inside and outside the classroom and their positive impact on our entire school community.”