Gurney Service Learning Club Celebrates Valentine's Day with Hamlet Residents

The Gurney Service Learning Club visited the residents of Hamlet in Chagrin Falls to celebrate Valentine's Day. Together, the students and residents made valentines for veterans. While making the valentines, they shared their favorite Valentine's memories. 

They also heard from  Karen Godenschwager, the vice regent of the Chagrin Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, a women's service organization. She has a direct line relative who served in the Revolutionary War. This month, they are working on Valentine's for Veterans. Mrs. Godenschwager is a Hamlet resident and retired teacher. She has become a wonderful resource for the Gurney Service Learning Club. 

During the visit, she shared the story about how Tootsie Rolls were used in the Korean War. During the Korean War, the Marines ran out of ammunition in subfreezing temperatures. Marines called in for ammunition using the code name "Tootsie Rolls." Soon, pallets of Tootsie Roll candies parachuted from the sky to the Marines. Even though it wasn't the ammunition that they needed, the Tootsie Rolls provided some needed nourishment for the troops. The Marines also learned they could use warmed Tootsie Rolls to plug holes and seal fuel lines on their tanks. The tanks were able to move again.

They also learned that Tootsie Rolls were used during World War II. They were included in ration packs for the soldiers. Tootsie Rolls were considered a durable treat that could withstand all weather conditions.

Tootsie Rolls were attached to each Valentine for the Veterans. These were delivered to local Veterans on Valentine's Day. The students and residents also enjoyed the Tootsie lollipop treats! 

Some of our students said...

"Thank you for being brave." - Reid Tucholka, 3rd grader

"To a precious veteran, I thank you for your service. You are a hero here in America." - Emma, Hamlet resident

"You are amazing! Happy Valentine's Day!" - Emily Shein, 3rd grader

"Thank you for your service and love." - Michael Mooney, 3rd grader

photo of valentines - neat to see the cursive from the residents and sweet notes from the kids. The residents commented that it has been many years since they wrote valentines. 

Mrs. Karen Godenschwager - from Daughters of the American Revolution- shared Tootsie Roll story as 3rd grader Reid Tucholka reads over Valentine’s messages 

3rd graders: Harper Kruse and Juliette Tucholka writing Valentines for Veterans

3rd graders: Charlotte Thompson, Elliette Edgerly, Trevor Levey - sharing stories of their favorite Valentine’s Day memories