Gurney Elementary School Named 2023 Hall of Fame School

Gurney Elementary School has been named a 2023 Hall of Fame School by The Ohio Association of Elementary School Administrators (OAESA).

The award recognizes schools for outstanding work in the following areas: school mission and vision, instructional systems and supports, student achievement, student development, personnel, administration, school management and stakeholder engagement. 

The school submitted an application with extensive evidence in all areas and then earned an on-site evaluation. The on-site evaluation included a student-led school tour and group interviews with students, parents, community members, staff, central office administration, the principal and assistant principal. 

On April 14, the school celebrated with the help of the Chagrin Falls High School Marching Band.

OAESA representatives will be presenting Principal Rachel Jones and Assistant Principal Sara  Read with the official award at an upcoming Board meeting. The award comes with $1,000 to be used at Gurney Elementary School.

“Congratulations truly goes out to ALL students and staff at Gurney Elementary School,” said Jones.  “This is a whole-school award!”