​  Chagrin Falls Middle School Educator Kyle Patterson Named Chagrin Valley Rotary Club Teacher of the Year

The Chagrin Valley Rotary Club has recognized Kyle Patterson, counselor at Chagrin Falls Middle School, as the Rotary Club Teacher of the Year.  Runner-up was Chagrin Falls Middle School’s Spanish teacher Brooke Campbell.  They were both recognized at the Rotary breakfast on May 2.  They were both nominated by Principal Laila Discenza.

Patterson’s nomination stated…

Think back to your adolescence. Do you remember the rapid physical development or shifting emotions? You know, the time where a pre-teen could be excited, confused and uncomfortable all at once? Although you went to middle school for the purpose of gaining knowledge and information to prepare you for a future you also hoped to make friends, gain independence and learn about yourself and your passions. 

How can a child get through this time without the connection, support and programs from the School Counselor? Kyle Patterson has been a School Counselor at Chagrin Falls Middle School for 10 years and is a vital member of our educational environment. He daily guides and supports students through new or challenging situations and experiences. We are so lucky to have him to provide critical support during this transition from childhood to young adulthood. He is an advocate that ensures that student needs are being met. He collaborates with all staff to create a caring learning environment that sets students up for academic and personal success. One could conclude that the school counselor serves the social and emotional needs of students in order to be prepared for academic rigor. But Kyle also plans and delivers effective comprehensive counseling, activities and experiences to promote students’ social-emotional development and well-being.

Mr. Patterson has impacted hundreds of students, parents and staff during his time as a counselor, Building Leadership team member,  conference presenter, and club advisor (Student Council, Book and Guidance Advisory).  His strong values to educate the whole child and commitment to middle level education are quite visible. 

He is passionate and compassionate.  He has considerable perception while being perceptive and receptive to student, family, community and staff needs. He has taken groups of students to work at the foodbank, or to attend a SAY Youth Leadership Forum. Middle school students eat lunch twice per month with intermediate school students modeling empathy and high school students meet monthly with middle school students promoting stress management. Students explore college and careers and work with others for innovative and creative solutions. He also routinely teaches important topics to students through Health class.

Students perform. Students feel encouraged. Students are valued. Every student at CFMS knows that they have a trusted adult in Mr. Patterson who is there for them every day in every way. He works tirelessly to create a place where students thrive. What more could one want from an educator?

Campbell’s nomination reads…

How well do you remember middle school? Were you full of confidence and happiness, all of the time? Probably not, and that is typical for pre-teens. What one may see as lack of motivation Ms. Campbell sees as children who need connections and support. Students depict progress and success when they have a positive mood and wellbeing. Therefore Brooke builds relationships with students, understands students’ feelings, grows them academically and helps them focus on the good things in life. 

Ms. Campbell is engaging, encouraging and never overwhelming. She shows students through lessons and modeling how to be grateful and resilient. She has worked at CFMS for six years and has taught students about Spanish and the world around them.  She helps them get involved in their interests and works with them outside of the classroom, whether it be as a Cheer Coach or Spanish Club Advisor.  In and out of the classroom she builds students’ knowledge and self-worth.

Brooke also has the maturity of a seasoned teacher. She depicts care and concern and uses solid best practice strategies. Over the years she has become even stronger in her content area and provides high quality instruction day in and day out. Her level of differentiation to meet all needs in her class are derived from educational knowledge and solid lesson planning and articulation. Her units are highly engaging allowing for interaction with material while setting the tone for positive classroom behaviors. Ms. Campbell works with each student based on their needs while motivating and providing multiple assessments. It is quite impressive to observe her alignment for interventions and feedback.

Brooke is the Building Tech Advocate and member of the Building and District Leadership Teams where she supports other teachers. Her creativity and easy going nature allow her to help teach others in the areas of educational technology. She spends time each day in our Creation Lab helping students explore machines like the 3D printer or heat press through exciting projects. She has helped to raise money for groups like Hearts for Guatemala and has encouraged the continuation of this profession by working with student teachers. Whether student, staff or community member, everyone has benefited from their time with Brooke Campbell!