In April, 308 students from Gurney Elementary and Chagrin Falls Intermediate School competed in the semi-annual Noetic Learning Math Contest.

Noetic Learning Math Contest is a national mathematics contest for elementary and middle school students. The goal of the competition is to encourage students' interest in math, to develop their problem-solving skills, and to inspire them to excel in the STEM fields. 

This spring's contest saw an impressive turnout with more than 35,300 students, representing 754 schools across the country.  Chagrin Falls Schools had an amazing 308 students participate in the competition in grades 2 -6.  There were even 16 first graders who participated in the contest by taking the grade 2 test!

The following students are our team winners. 

  • Grade 1 Team Mortimer - Kate Kazaglis

  • Grade 2 Team Tiger - Liam Joseph

  • Grade 2 Team Orange - Luke Geiger, Cemil Morton and Braden Rutherford

  • Grade 3 Team Orange - Silas Hardwick

  • Grade 3 Team Tiger - Landry Glavic, Sofia Jacobson and Allison Partridge

  • Grade 4 Team Chagrin - Gregory Warner

  • Grade 4 Team Mortimer - Miles Warren

  • Grade 4 Team Tiger - Addie Campomizzi, Chelsea Tattershall and Savannah Thatcher

  • Grade 4 Team Orange - JJ Nightwine

  • Grade 5 Team Tiger - Molly Quigg

  • Grade 5 Team Mortimer - Cameron Demming, James Hamerstone and Edward Mitchell

  • Grade 5 Team Orange - Madelynn Jewell and Evan Lichtenfeld

  • Grade 6 Team Orange - Alyssa Johnson

  • Grade 6 Team Orange - Maia De la Cruz

The following students won the National Honor Roll title. This title is awarded to the top 10% of participating mathletes. Chagrin had 16 students earn this certificate and medal.

  • Grade 2: Luke Geiger, Cole Ghannoum, Cemil Morton, Braden Rutherford, Josie Kazaglis and Liam Joseph

  • Grade 3: Archer Osborn, Liam Dixon, Patrick Quigg and Silas Hardwick

  • Grade 4: Gregory Warner and Miles Warren

  • Grade 5: Kenneth Kang, Molly Quigg and Nolan Schultz

  • Grade 6: Maia De la Cruz

The following students were winners of a Team Award which is assigned to a team that recorded a team score of 500 or higher from their top 6 scores.  This team won a plaque for their school to commemorate this great accomplishment  The Team Award winners were…

  • Grade 2: Alex Chokshi, Amelia Hanley, Peter Vehar, Luke Geiger, Cole Ghannoum, Cemil Morton and Braden Rutherford (there was a three person tie for the last two spots)

The following students received National Honorable Mention. This title is awarded to the top 50% of participating mathletes. Chagrin had 140 students earn this ribbon and medal.

  • Grade 1: Kate Kazaglis

  • Grade 2: Alex Chokshi, Noah Crivelli, Amelia Hanley, Evan Joseph, Josie Koehl, Colton Marong, Aoibhe McAvinchey, Finley McMillion, Paige Ross, Anabelle Bonder, Sammy Brown, Harrison Hoynacke, Kate Lichtenfeld, Cade Liederbach, Ben Dobies, Owen Eastman, Andrew Sworan, Peter Vehar, Liam Morrison, Reagan Bordner, Graham Igoe, Bo LiederbachPaige Lower, Wren Lytle, Juda Pace, Jackson Wojciechowicz, Nate Klussman, Carson Patricoff and Lily Wascak

  • Grade 3: Wyatt Field, Eddie Gonzales, Anders Nystrom, Gabby Radomsky, Blake Hoopingarner, Dempsey Ingold, Emily Shein, Marko Sluder, Sofia Jacobson, Allison Partridge, Jake Sanson, Vivian Self, Soren Demming, Elliette Edgerly, Luke Falbo, Landry Glavic, Parker Lower, Brady Nelson, Olivia Falbo, Josh Kumins, Cohen Reich, Emma Ross, Reid Tucholka and Parkes Warren

  • Grade 4: Margaret Baumgart, Ryan Furlon, Anna Glorioso, Quintessence Hui, Daniel Lareau, Sam Turchan, Brooke Angle, Everett Brugger, Harrison Doringo, Gavin Frangipane, Charles Gile, Ari Gross, Zayne Hamid, Romola Hicks, Tyler Johnson, Graham Linczak, Tucker Littman, Emerson Morton, Claire Beatty, Vincent DeGeorge, William DeJohn, John Falbo, Norah Fuller, Audrey Haas, Grant Houston, Devan Lagemann, Declan McCreary, Rachel Schaffer, Carter Wozniak, Addie Campomizzi, Chelsea Tattershall, Savannah Thatcher and JJ Nightwine

  • Grade 5: Amelia Edgerly, Logan Geiger, Charles Henry, Cruz Lopez, Mya Mihalek, Henry Pace, Luke Partridge, Robert Rugh, Matilda Bolling, Cameron Demming, Dominic Giordano, James Hamerstone, Jack Hanley, Amelia Ingold, Mairead Malley, Giavanna Marino, Zachary Martin, Edward Mitchell, Miles Stark, Madelynn Jewell and Evan Lichtenfeld

  • Grade 6: Griffin Brennan, Audrey Bricker, Mallory Coble, Lucia Detweiler, Colton Gile, Ameer Hamid, Alyssa Johnson, Connor Laval, Hayden Lawrence, Caden Leffler, Madison Livingston, Tessa Martin, Hannah Neumann, Jeffrey Perry, Lavanya Rao, Lane Schaefer, Addison Sprenger, Quinn Warren, Claire Angle, Nathan Baraona, Juliette Bencsath, Jameson Byrne, Daniel Flaiz, Lucas Guddy, Dimitri Kosteas, Malcolm Livingston, Henrik Nystrom, Stella Pace, Jackson Raleigh, Jack Rubin, Nicholas Turchan and Harrison Venezia

Congratulations to all the winners! The contest results demonstrate our students’ great problem-solving skills and their math talents. The results also demonstrate the ability of our students to rise to the occasion and meet challenging tasks head-on.

Grade 1 Participants from Ms. Albrecht, Malley, Pelsozy, Vilk and Polien’s class

Grade 2 Participants:

Ms. Jones’ Class

Ms. Kehrier’s Class

Ms. Langer’s Class

Ms. Riccelli’s Class

Ms. Zdolshek’s Class

Mr. Rose’s Class

Grade 2 Team Award

Grade 3 Participants:

Ms. Andreas and Ms. Belew Class

Ms. Goodin’s Class

Mr. Jone’s Class

Mr. Ritz’s Class

Ms. Todaro’s Class

Grade 4 Participants:

Grade 4 Block 1: Ms. McHugh and Nanchoff’s Class

Grade 4 Block 2: Ms. McHugh and Nanchoff’s Class

Grade 4+ Block 1: Ms. Garrett’s Class

Grade 4+ Block 2: Ms. Garrett’s Class

Grade 4+ Block 2: Ms. Brosnan’s Class

Grade 5 Participants:

Grade 5 Block 1: Mr. McArthur and Ms. Geiger’s Class

Grade 5 Block 2: Mr. McArthur and Ms. Geiger’s Class

Grade 5+ Block 1: Ms. Acton’s Class

Grade 5+ Block 2: Ms. Acton’s Class

Grade 6 Participants:

Grade 6+ Block 1: Ms. Ohlrich’s Class

Grade 6 and 6+ Block 2: Ms. Ohlrich and Brent’s Class