Chagrin Falls High School Students Create New Club Called Cleanland

Students at Chagrin Falls High School have created a new club called Cleanland. The club is a student-run nonprofit organization that is dedicated to cleaning up Cleveland. Not only does the club help provide a cleaner environment for Clevelanders, it also gives students at the high school an opportunity to partake in service alongside their friends. This new initiative is teaching students how to give back to their community, inspiring the next generation to take care of the planet. 

“It’s nobody's fault that litter’s on the ground. It’s nobody’s fault that our streets get dirty. But it is our job to clean it up,” student JP Zimmer said when discussing Cleanland. “And if we all do our part, I think we can make something great.”

The students who are involved in the club have been going out into the Cleveland community, including the area of Ohio City, to pick up trash and litter from streets and sidewalks. While they already believe Cleveland is a beautiful city, their hope is to make it a healthier and happier place for citizens. They’re taking the steps to accomplish this goal one piece of litter at a time. 

Student members say…

"Cleanland has been a great opportunity for us to get out and support our community while bettering the environment" - Luke Neimeier, Grade 11

"The reactions we get from the community make it all worth it. We get everything from car honks, waves, and even have people cheering at points. People just like to see young people out bettering their community" - JP Zimmer, Grade 11

"Being a part of Cleanland has opened my eyes to the amount of litter that not only is on the ground, but the amount that we are able to take off the streets with our group" - Jessica Brett, Grade 11

"What were doing is for a really good cause, and it makes us excited to come out and spend time in the community" - Claire Jarvis, Grade 11

"its amazing to be a part of an organization that's improving the city of Cleveland" - Jacob Donnellan, Grade 11

The students created a video to show first-hand the difference they are making.  It can be viewed  here.