​  Chagrin Falls Middle School and Chagrin Falls Intermediate School Participate in AMC - 8 Contest

Advanced Math students in grades 6, 7 and 8 participated in the American Mathematics Competition on January 17-23. 

There were two teams of sixth graders (51 students: 48 sixth grade as well as 3 fifth graders) and six teams of seventh graders (47 students) and eighth graders (74 students) enrolled in Algebra 1 and Geometry that participated in the competition.   

“Our advanced math students challenge themselves via contests like the AMC 8, helping them to write their own unique stories as learners,” said Director of Curriculum/Gifted Coordinator Becky Quinn, Chagrin Falls Schools. 

“The competition was very challenging as seen by the national average score of 10 correct out of 25 questions.  However, these students showed grit and will be prepared for future competitions” said K-12 Math Coach Nick Leskiewicz, Chagrin Falls Schools.

While we did not have any students place nationally, the following were award winners in their particular classroom:

Mr. Brown Period 1

Cortland Miller, Katherine Rosner, Eric Goyzman and Adin Ignatowski each earned First Place

Mr. Brown Period 3

Henry Mitchell and Dominick Pantuso - First Place and Zoe Nesbitt - Third Place

Mr. Brown Period 4

Riva Kogan - First Place, Petro Sushko - Second Place and Solomon Owens-Paquette - Third Place

Mr. Brown Period 6

Andrew Broz- First Place, Kelan Byrne, Robert Quinn and Emmi Venezia - Second Place

Mr. Brown Period 8

Chase Deimling - First Place, Gabrielle Byrne and Ryan Glorioso - Second Place

Ms. Martorello Period 6

Georgia Nygaard and Dylan Seese - First Place, Natalie Venorsky and Frankie Nocente - Third Place

Mrs. Ohlrich Block 1

Alyssa Johnson - First Place, Quinn Warren - Second Place and Lucia Detweiler and Ameer Hameed third place.

Mrs. Ohlrich Block 1

Harrison Venezia - First Place and Lucas Guddy, Reece de Leon and Jameson Byrne - Second Place